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These are sites that contain information about pet health, specific breeds, wildlife, and other animal issues. There are also a few links to other sites for Yukon and Oklahoma.


þOSU College of Veterinary Medicine

þYukon’s Pets & People - Local Pet Rescue Organization

þYukon Chamber of Commerce

þAmerican Veterinary Medical Association

þNorth American Veterinary Technicians Association

þWild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

þWolfdunn Wolfdog Education Pages

þWolfdog Coalition  - Rabies Vaccine Approval Effort

þNational Wildlife Federation

þVeterinaryPartner.com - Medical info on diseases, medications, etc

þSpay/Neuter Info - Information about spaying and neutering

þAAHA Pet Care Library - Behavior, nutrition, and more

þPet Microchip Lookup - If you’ve found a pet with a microchip 

þThinking of "Getting Rid of" Your Pet? Please check here first

þWorking Dog Web

þWelcome to the AKC - Dog Breed Information

þCat Fancier’s Association - Cat Breed Information

þFerret Central

þAll Pet Birds - Pet Bird Information

þThe Herp Place - Reptiles and Amphibians

þIguana Care

þHouse Rabbit Society


þSugar Gliders

þBirdwatching - In-Depth information

þPet Loss Grief Support

þPoisonous Plants

þCanine Epilepsy Network

þChronic Renal Failure - Home care for your cat, info and support

þCanine Bloat - Latest research findings for prevention

þPets and the Immunocompromised Patient (296 KB PDF)

þOKC Paws K9 Sports Club - Fun for you and your dog

þWildCare - Information about wildlife rehabilitation in Oklahoma

þPuppy Socialization and Development

þASPCA Poison Control page - How to prevent poisonings

þEmergency Prep - Include your pets in your emergency plans

þNoah’s Wish - Disaster preparedness and animal rescue

þChoosing the Right Pet - A questionnaire to help you decide

þVeterinary Medical Assistance Teams - Help animals in disasters

þThe Debate About Declawing - Read before you choose surgery

þProducts to help you care for your disabled pet